Special Double Rainbow at WorldPride (2014)


Hey, so if you’ve been following gay stuff, or if you were there that day yourself, you would already know about this.

I just wanted to share one of the pictures I took of it, because I was there too. The main rainbow was actually brighter in real life… my camera couldn’t capture it perfectly enough. There was a second one just above it but it was much fainter.

Anyway, this rainbow was special because it appeared during the closing ceremony of WorldPride 2014 in Toronto. The stage where Tegan and Sara performed later was just below to the left of the picture (its not shown here).

There was a heavy rain just overhead and then this rainbow slowly began to appear in the sky. At that time, in that particular spot, on that particular day – with all those people (gay, straight, bi, trans, drag queens, etc) gathered around to see it… what are the chances? And it stayed up for like 20 minutes I’m pretty sure, getting brighter slowly as the sky cleared.

🙂 I remember one dude turning  to his friend who had just arrived at the spot, and pointing to the rainbow excitedly, saying “that’s REAL!”

For me it was a downright spiritual experience… I was just mind-blown that it appeared there, in those particular circumstances.

It was the sprinkles on the cake of a magical and inspiring Pride weekend.

~WorldPride comes around every 5 years. This one was the 4th, and the first time it came to North America. The first WorldPride was celebrated in Rome, 2000. At the end of the day they announced that the next one was going to be held in Madrid, Spain, in 2017. ~

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