[Submission from enbylebeau to rainbowamory blog in July 2014] enbylebeau asked: Hi I saw post 90807768009 and wondered if you ever saw August: Osage County? The ending is pretty miserable for everyone involved, but there IS a very sympathetic consanguinamorus (sp?) couple.

Hi, were you referring to the ‘difference of degrees’ post? I haven’t seen that film. I’ve heard of it, but it didn’t really look like my kind of movie (just by the description) so I didn’t watch it. Though maybe sometime I will, if you recommend it. My personal interest in consanguinamory is centered around cousin couples, however I do try to learn about other kinds when I can, just to open my mind more. Thank you for the message. 🙂 Feel free to chat anytime.

….Ok, I finally watched it on a whim. I was confused why you didn’t say what kind of consanguinamorous couple specifically. After having watched it, I think it was best I didn’t know beforehand or it would’ve been a spoiler. You were right. The ending was pretty unhappy. But honestly, I expected worse for some reason… The characters are going to be damaged because of the secrets in the family but at least they’re alive to try and begin the healing, if possible. I was also relieved to hear Ivy say that she’s still sticking to her plan of going away with Little Charles. Shows the depth of her love.


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