Are you dating your COUSIN?

(This was a casting call from August 2014)


Against all odds and everyone’s opinion, are you dating, marrying or involved with your COUSIN? Are you tired of disapproving family, jokes about your relationship and want to clear the air? Or perhaps you’ve kept your cousin-romance a secret and want to share your story?

We’re casting cousins…

This might be worth checking out for some of you. It would probably be best to e-mail them and find out the details of the project first, however, before you give out your information – just to protect your privacy and make sure you know the terms.

Coming out and educating people about these relationships can play such an important role in challenging discrimination and overriding ignorance. Just look at how far the LGBTQ community has come, by sticking together and being open about their identities.

No doubt it would take a lot of courage, but if you live somewhere where being with your cousin is legal and you don’t risk prosecution for discussing it openly, I urge you to consider participating. For the sake of others who are like you that are not so fortunate. Take advantage of these opportunities. People are capable of changing their minds for the better. Putting a face to the issue can make the difference between creating a more accepting society for you to live in and being pushed further into the closet by people who’s ignorance remains unchallenged.

They know the myths. Only you know the reality.

Here’s the casting call website:

(Source: lescasting-blog)

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