Want to Share Your Stories?


This was something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.

I thought that adding some personal stories would make this blog more meaningful and informative for those that come across it, including people in similar situations. This is your chance to have your say on this blog. So, my question is: Do you have a story you would like to share, about your experience with LGBTQ relationships or cousin/cousin relationships?

The terms: You can submit it to me as anonymous to protect your identities. I will only post with your permission. Anytime after it’s been posted, if you feel anxious about the information and change your mind, all you need to do is ask and I will remove it. Anytime once it’s been posted, if you want to add anything or take out certain details you feel uncomfortable sharing, you can make the edit and I will re-post your story with the edits. I will post up one at a time in a separate blog url and link to it here on the main blog (that way all the stories will be in one place rather than mixed up with all the other posts here). Let’s say 1-5 pages is the limit. There is no set deadline – you can submit whenever you want.

I’m going to leave this submissions call up forever. ^_^

As a guide, I came up with some areas you could touch upon:


Possible topics to cover: (These are just prompts. You can ignore them altogether and just write your story your own way and send it. That’s ok too.)


What is your sexual orientation and gender identity?

*What kind of relationship are you currently in? Or seeking? (gay? straight (trans)? cousin/cousin?)

*How did you meet your partner or crush? (e.g. online, at an event, introduced by friends, grew up together, etc)

*What stage of your relationship are you in? (just starting out? been dating for awhile? engaged? married? haven’t asked them out yet?)

*How do you feel about your relationship? (do you think it’s perfect, difficult, happy, a mix?)

Do you currently have or do you plan on having children with your partner? (biological or by adoption)

*Is there anyone else like you who’s relationship you admire, that reminds you of your own? (e.g. a historical, fictional, celebrity, or real life couple you know of that has/had the same kind of relationship as you) What about it reminds you of your relationship?

*Do your friends and family know about your situation or your crush? How do they feel about it?

*Has anyone ever criticized you based on your personal life or your sexual/romantic feelings? How did you or your partner handle it?

*What would you tell those going through similar struggles as you in their love lives?

How would you ‘explain’ your love to those that don’t understand it? Or are unfamiliar with how it works.

You can talk about experiences of discrimination, people accepting or rejecting you, self-discovery, coming out, future plans, allies, attitude towards life and love, sex – and whatever else you feel is relevant.


Contact: You can contact me 2 ways.

By e-mail: muffinsandblades@hotmail.com (if you don’t have a Tumblr account)

Or by sending me a message  on Tumblr. Whatever option works for you.


If you decide to participate, I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂  ♡!

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