Genetics and Consanguineous Reproduction






If the US’s prohibition against cousin marriage predates modern genetics, it’s difficult to argue that there’s a medical reason to forbid these relationships.

In fact, over 93% of children of cousin couples will have no genetic defect whatsoever.  So what’s with the stigma?

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Because the more you intermarry the less biological diversity your family has and the more likely your children are to inherit diseases and mutations that run in your family? Like do you read? Also this is gross?

So, should people with known inheritable diseases be denied their rights to have sex? To marry? To reproduce?

Should any relationship someone else finds disgusting be discriminated against?

No. I have an inheritable disease.

1. I’ve always felt like I’d try my best to find someone who I loved who did not have similar genetics to mine so that my children would have a chance of not inheriting what I have. Failing that, I will not have children.

2. Take the dangerous genetic component out of the picture and let’s say the junk science posted by the OP was real for a moment. Even without the genetic risks this relationship dynamic is incredibly wrong. The potential for manipulation and unhealthy mental control and unhealthy dynamics here is so great. Adult relative and child relative especially? It’s sick. It’s absolutely sick.

3. I can’t believe I literally have to argue against incest. I literally cannot believe that there are people out there who are arguing for incest. What the fuck is wrong with you?

4. I will no longer waste my time arguing about why one should not commit incest. If you’re attracted to a member of your family, you are a pervert.

1. Good for you. That’s your choice. The overwhelming majority of births to consanguineous couples produce healthy children. And many people in these relationships have no plans to have children or couldn’t have children together anyway because they are the same gender or are too old. See here for more on this.

2. I’m not talking about adults abusing children or anyone else. I’m talking about consenting adults. It is entirely legal for a 21-year-old poor woman to marry a 60-year-old billionaire, or the President of the United States (if not married already) so the potential for manipulation is obviously not grounds to deny people their fundamental right to marry.

3. That’s not an argument. I can’t believe I’m having to argue for the rights of adults.

4. That’s not an argument. I will continue to stand up for the rights of ALL adults.

I’m still waiting for a good reason to deny consenting adults their fundamental right to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any and all consenting adults. Those arguing against full marriage equality haven’t produced any, apparently.

Don’t want a consanguineous relationship? Don’t have one.

esseekay, I don’t even know where to begin with addressing your arguments. Part of me feels like there’s no point. You seem to be someone very full of hate and anger at your own situation. Just a glance at your page shows how this genetic defects issue is something you are obsessed with, beyond this single cousin couples post… and I’m guessing you shared this so that you can get other ignorant people to join you in supporting your hateful views, from the edges of a topic that you don’t want to even bother exploring in depth.

Having a personal aversion to something doesn’t mean you are justified in calling it sick or wrong. Lots of people may agree with you but that doesn’t make your views any more logical simply by gaining social approval by equally ignorant people. There are a lot of things society can be wrong about, especially when they form their opinions based on the indiscriminate oppression of consenting minorities.

Have you ever met anyone in this kind of relationship? Have you ever read the stories of these people? Do you have any kind of empathy for people in unusual, minority relationships in general? (gay people, interracial couples, intergenerational couples). Cause if you don’t, that says more about your own immaturity and personality than anything else. Your personal issues have absolutely nothing to do with what another human being should or shouldn’t be ‘allowed’ to do on this earth. Who made you the gatekeeper of their options? They are born free and they live free.

People shouldn’t even have to bring genetics into the argument. Its sad that minorities need to ‘win’ the rights that belong to them inherently. And even sadder that they need to appeal to people like you, who don’t even have the courtesy to treat them like humans and hear them out, simply because they have different preferences in their private lives.

If all you think about is making healthy children, like that’s all that love is, then go find someone purely for that purpose and enjoy hoarding those social privileges you believe you deserve for the accident of being inclined to the majority’s way of life. I always believed that there are people in this world who exist for the sole purpose of making it a little big uglier every day. People like that can’t be moved to experiencing empathy for the truly marginalized. People like you don’t change unless you experience something for yourself. Too bad you don’t have a cousin in your life who compels you to such deep and genuine emotion as to give you the motivation to fight for that love.

It’s people like you that are gross and perverted, for trying to interfere with other people’s most private and intimate lives, as if you own their bodies and minds.

Who’s the real manipulator here?

Wait. I’m not done.

As for the genetics argument, your situation is not automatically connected to cousin couples’ reproductive possibilities. One example I can refer to is that genetic counselling video by Talking Genetics. In that example a woman was getting consultation about her son’s genetic defect. He had hearing loss. As she continues in her interview she goes on to say that her brother married his first cousin, and they had two healthy children with no apparent genetic issues. She herself had married OUTSIDE the family, yet she’s the one whose child was affected by the autosomal recessive disorder. (there are some more unfortunate facts about cousin marriage below the video, but that could be a result of many other factors… lack of genetic counselling, interbreeding several generations in a row (at which point the risk heightens), etc.

This is just one example. Another example is from my family. My uncle married his first cousin and had three children with her. They are all – as far as I can see – in good health. My mother married outside the family and my sibling has a mental illness. There was a history of mental illness on my dad’s side of the family but nobody really worried too much about it… This has given her so much grief over the years (our whole family suffers because of this). So who’s full of regrets here? The man who married his cousin?

What does this say? That genetics is a lot more complicated than many make it out to be. And the truth gets distorted because facts are often mixed in with personal prejudice rather than allowed to speak for themselves.

By your own logic, you should not be allowed to have children. You have a known genetic disorder. Why should you be ‘allowed’ to reproduce while a cousin couple who may be healthier than you be denied the same rights? That’s ridiculous on a million levels.

No matter which individuals a couple consists of there is always going to be that random element in their cards, the possibility that things can go wrong.

If you think that by marrying outside your family that 100% guarantees you healthy children, you’re kidding yourself.

The most baffling thing to me about this whole argument is that whenever something goes wrong with a non-related couple’s offspring, people use it as an excuse to condemn interbreeding. What does your genetic disorder have anything to do with cousin couples getting married? Now if your parents ARE cousins, I would say it’s unfortunate that the odds were not in your favor, however it still doesn’t give you special permission to tell other cousin couples what to do. It only puts you in a position to inform them of what can potentially happen, while acknowledging that there’s a 93 percent chance for it NOT to happen to them.

(via fullmarriageequality)

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