Reflections on a library website

(This is an old post I made on August 2014, about a website that reviews library books. It is about censorship)

Not going to lie.

This site make me sick.

⬆ These arrogant people sitting around judging others by their own limitations in understanding… I was just looking around for a good source of information about cousin marriage throughout history and I came across a book, then this page. I wanted to write a comment so badly but that option no longer comes up (old post I guess)… I’m glad not everyone in the comments below are completely ignorant.

But it makes me so sad to see some of the things said by a person that had cousin marriage in their own lineage… that’s how deep the stigma goes – that it would even cause someone to make judgements about their own family members. Sad, when even strangers that have never had it in their family are capable of being more sympathetic.

Books like this are so necessary in brining to light a topic that has so many misunderstandings attached to it and presenting it just as it is. It’s unfortunate that some people’s one-track minds can’t process the possibility that someone can love their cousin as their #1 choice of a partner, not as a last resort or due to GSA or because they were the “safe” option…

I feel like the key to getting grandchildren and children to accept the cousin marriage of past relatives is to come out early. Not too early that it’s incomprehensible to them, but not so late that they have already internalized the blindly perpetuated stigma.

I’m going to try and forget the anger I feel towards the haters and read the book because I feel I can learn something from it and share some valuable information with more open-minded people who know what empathy is.

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