Why “So Who’s the Boy and Who’s the Girl?” Isn’t Offensive To Me

⬆-This video caught my eye cause I feel the same way. Actually if someone assumes there is no guy in my relationship that actually offends me more, because even though my relationship is outwardly lesbian, I don’t identify as a woman.

I think she explains the topic very well from several angles, but she left out just one thing: one reason this question may NOT be offensive to some people is because one of them identifies as genderqueer or trans. So although it may appear to be a regular lesbian relationship (woman + woman) on the surface (due to one of them not having transitioned yet or having feminine features), beneath that the couple may see each other very differently than how the world sees them (as a boy and a girl, boi + girl, genderqueer + cis, etc). And in that sense, they may be closer to feeling like or behaving like a straight couple than a gay one – even though outwardly they are seen as the same sex.

I know exactly how that feels. And there’s nothing wrong with it 🙂 I respect the fact that my girlfriend is a lesbian and she respects the fact that I don’t identify as a woman.

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