My question to cousinfacts tumblr about Beauty and the Beast

rainbowamory asked: Hi, I was wondering, in which version of the Beauty and the Beast story do they turn out to be cousins? I tried looking for the original but the endings of the ones I read don’t have that… And I couldn’t see any hints either, like maybe his mother being her aunt or his dad being her uncle. Maybe I overlooked it, I don’t know. So I was wondering which is the original? Which one has that ending? I’d really like to know :)Thanks


Hey, rainbowamory!

In the first written version of “Beauty and the Beast”, Beauty and the Beast turn out to be double first cousins, their fathers being kings and brothers, and their mothers fairies and sisters.

This version was published in 1740 by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, under the title, La Jeune Américaine et les contes marins.

Published in 1740, this really is the tale as old as time! Hope this helps!

Wow, that is interesting!! Now if only I can find that version in English translation… Thank you for the answer, cousinfacts!!

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