If consensual incest is insulting to survivors of non-consensual incest then….



All heterosexual relationships are insulting to people who have been raped/abused by a partner of the opposite sex.

All homosexuality is insulting to every choir boy who’s ever been raped by a priest.

All marriage is insulting to child brides.

All interracial relationships are insulting to the thousands of African American slaves who were violated by white masters.

All religion is insulting to every single person who has been killed/beaten/shunned in the name of God.

Do I need to go on here? No? Okay, lets turn this around and get it right.

Abusive, non-consensual incest is insulting to every consensual, loving, healthy incestuous relationship that has ever existed.

Rape and abuse are insulting to healthy, loving heterosexual relationships.

Every single priest who has ever raped a choir boy is an insult to homosexuality.

Forced unions between grown men and little girls are an insult to marriage.

Every time a master violated a slave it was an insult to loving, consensual interracial relationships.

Every single act of violence, hatred, or bigotry that has ever been done in the name of religion is insulting to God.

*steps down off soap box now*

If consensual incest is insulting to survivors of non-consensual incest then….

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