trying to this again. Okay, i came on your blog to tell you that queer is a slur that queer people like myself are reclaiming and if you used it, and are not queer, you suck. i also wanted to let you know that comparing the struggle of queer people and the struggle for queer representation to your need to see a very abnormal fetish represented in media is probably both homophobic and transphobic. queer people deserve representation. incest is sexual fucking assault, people survive that shit. (c)


Okay, first of all, I am indeed queer. I prefer the term because it is more inclusive than gay or lesbian. I am in no way phobic of any queer identity. Secondly, I am an actual survivor of non-consensual incest but the fact is that I am a survivor of abuse and the incest part was incidental. Just because some incest is abuse does not mean that all of it is.Many people say the same things about non-straight people that you are saying about people who are involved in consensual incest. Finally, this is MY blog and I will post whatever I want on it. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, sweetheart.

Hey samdeangirl84, I just wanted to throw in my support as well. 🙂 You are an even better person for having come out of your negative experience and not let it colour your view of other people’s (very different) experiences with incest. It seems a lot of the people that use anti-incest arguments only choose to see what they want to see. e.g. They refer to the most pessimistic of scientific evidence and completely ignore the positives so that their arguments are often very biased. They compare it to things that are so far from mutual human relations and consent (some person said it’s like ‘eating rotten meat’) as part of stirring up more impulsive feelings of disgust in others. And then there’s this need to bring in others to ‘support’ their views (with more biased ‘evidence’ and a whole bunch of generalizations), largely fueled by strong personal aversions to something that they themselves wouldn’t like to do. They try to make it seem like they’re doing a social service, but really they are trying to repress others the way they’ve been repressed so they don’t have to challenge their own worldview. I mean how intelligent can an intelligent argument against incest be if the people making it are choosing to completely ignore the fact that there are two sides to everything?

And lastly, if anyone can compare consensual incest to the queer experience without being “homophobic” it would be a queer person. Do people seriously think a proud queer person would actively go out of their way to undermine LBGT rights for any reason?

We care about gay rights as much as any other queer person or ally. We just choose not to be selfish while fighting for our rights.

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