Hi, I’ve just started using tumblr and was looking around a bit when I stumbled onto this blog. I’m actually quite surprised that there’s all this stuff around being bi. I saw a post of someone indicating that they suffered hate by homosexuals at a pride parade, what in the heck? I’m a guy, and I am into people, I see no reason to discriminate against any gender or whatever. I find this quite normal and am genuinely surprised to find this community on tumblr. Please tell me about it.


Luckily, Tumblr is actually pretty bi-friendly if you follow the right blogs. So far, I’ve had about 98% positive interactions on here. What a lot of the discussion and posts I put up about bi erasure and homophobia has to do with the LGBTQA community at large. That post you’re talking about, though, has just as much to do with racism as it does with biphobia.

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