The Need for Better Representation in Fiction



When it comes to subjects or themes that have social stigma attached to them, it is rare to see them explored in fiction with neutrality. Have you ever watched a film or tv show in which love between cousins is referred to as something distasteful? Something that only unsophisticated, backwards…

This is why I’m writing my book and running this blog.  🙂

That’s awesome! I didn’t get a chance yet to properly check out your project and blog but it’s something I’ve been meaning to do, and will do! I’m working on a story with trans themes myself. And someday I plan to write a series with a main character that is in a relationship with his first cousin from the age of 15 and up. Someone told me incest is a touchy topic but changing that detail about my character’s life is like saying there’s something wrong with it, which I will never ever do, no matter what, especially not to appease the most ignorant groups of people in society. My favourite genre is fantasy/adventure. I’ve always wanted to talk to other people who are working on or planning to write fiction that challenges social stigmas around relationship diversity (nice term by the way! the first time I saw it was on your blog). So good for you and keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

The Need for Better Representation in Fiction

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