The Need for Better Representation in Fiction




When it comes to subjects or themes that have social stigma attached to them, it is rare to see them explored in fiction with neutrality. Have you ever watched a film or tv show in which love between cousins is referred to as…

I have the exact same fears about my own story ideas. I’m not at all worried about how my queer & trans characters will be taken b/c I’m sure there is an audience for that. But I am worried about my main and his relationship with his cousin. Especially since he’s going to be the lead in a series and I’m not treating his relationship as a joke or a ‘shock value’ kind of thing. And in that story, I’m going to present a similar attitude as on my blog, that LOVE is Love whether its same kin or the same sex, and that both kinds are natural regardless of people’s personal prejudices. I see now that compared to some others’ stories out there my basic idea isn’t even that controversial. lol Which is kind of a relief to know. (Also, my character is a spoiled rich brat too! lol And he also gets involved with his love during the teen years. ^_^)

But honestly, try not to think too much about the audience. Making this blog and seeing the replies of people like you made me realize there will always be people who understand, people who will think differently and boldly. You will have an audience. Put your mind to making sure what you write is the best quality it can possibly be. Be authentic, and enjoy the process of creating. If you focus on that, the rest will fall into place. 🙂 That’s what I believe.

The Need for Better Representation in Fiction

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