I forgot you had a Song section! would you mind if I resubmit my post?

“Outlaws – Official Audio”

I have been thinking about this song a lot. The one part of the lyrics is what I am stuck on. If this were simply a song about forbidden romance why the allusions to going to jail? This theme of breaking the law is central to the song. not only is the song titles “Outlaws” but a main part of the chorus revolves around this.

You’ll never face a judge without me
You’ll never battle the gavel alone
And if they lock us away
Then I’ll be still here
Proudly waiting to kill more time, with you

Who else could go to jail for being in a relationship? If this theme wasn’t so central to the song I wouldn’t be so insistent about my theory.

It doesn’t take much of a leap to come to this conclusion.  One could simply look at the lyrics literally and have a similar outcome. There are more songs on her album that need more interpretation to fit as well as Outlaws.

And I promised I would never let me hurt anymore
But I tore down my walls
And opened my doors
And made room for one
So, baby, I’m yours
Oh, baby, I’m yours

Much less literal lyrics but the line “I tore down my walls” could be interpreted as I used to reject the idea of being in a relationship with my brother/relative.

There are more direct songs as you have listed here before, but this one is pretty good. Like you said it fits well.

I am fully aware that my opinions on this matter skew my interpretation on things, but with this song I feel its so clear that I had to point it out to the community. People need to feel like there is a community of people who share the same views. You had a comment submitted that explained how antis are driving them out of social networks. This is very upsetting to me, no one should be scared away from a place simply to censor their opinions. Unacceptable. Normalization is happening fast and people need to know they can express themselves in safe places, and your blog is one of those safe places.

We must support each other if we want to make a difference for people hiding in the shadows. The sooner this happens the sooner songs like Outlaws will seem antiquated and backwards, like songs about homophobia seem today.

This is slightly different from the theme of my blog but still connected in the human rights sense. It intrigued me, so I’d like to share on my blog as well. Also if you think about it, it could apply to cousins as well, depending on where in the world you live (if the law would condemn you)

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