No one CHOOSES their Gender

Trans kids are not confused. They know who they are the way only people who have not yet been assigned a role can know themselves.

You can socialize mannerisms, you can socialize gender roles, you can socialize someone to respond to pronouns like any animal not given the chance to choose its own name, but you cannot “socialize” what is on the inside – the core, the essence.

When someone chooses to transition from Male to Female, from Female to Male, or from binary to non-binary, they are not ‘choosing’ their gender. They are dismantling the expectations that society built over them, so they could dig that core self out of the rubble and bring it to the surface for all to see.

If you think that an identity needs to be visible for it to be real, you might as well say nothing we experience on the inside matters.


The inside is ALL that matters. If there was nothing there, we’d just be walking bodies, with no inner life.

If you seriously think that telling kids they could transition is damaging, you need to talk to transgender people of all ages. This feeling doesn’t go away, no matter how old someone gets. You know why? Because society cannot CHOOSE someone’s gender for them. It is whatever it always was on the inside.

The only thing a trans person ‘chooses’ is whether or not to peel off the false layers the world wraps them in since childhood, as they go through the assembly line that is “socialization”.

There is nothing in the world more damaging and reductive than telling a kid that their genitals determine their destiny.

You think your cisnormative theories are empowering people? All you’re doing is adding more false layers to suffocate someone’s invisible, but very real, truth.


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