A forum for aspiring fiction writers? (emphasis on Consanguinamory)

I’ve been playing around with the idea of making a forum for those who want to write Original Fiction that contains one or more consanguineous couples. There can be several categories: Fantasy/Sci-fi (traditional or modern), Drama

(historical or modern), Mystery, Romance/Erotica, Mixed-Genre, Comics/Graphic Novel. For this particular space, the focus will be on siblings or cousin pairings, queer or straight. It can be a safe space to talk about the challenges of writing canon consang pairs. We can do research together and maybe some bi-weekly writing exercises to develop our characters. I will come up with more details later. But these are some of the prospective rules I thought up so far:

#1 Golden Rule: Respect each other’s preferences; respect each other’s boundaries.

Basic Rules all Must Follow (no exceptions):

*No hypocrisy… If you are going to write about consensual incestuous relationships, you must at least have an attitude of neutrality when it comes to ‘real life’ consang couples (siblings and cousins, for the purposes of this forum). I want to keep the forum a judgement-free, safe space for all, including those who may come to it with personal experience of consanguinamory. 

*You must be 18 or over to join.

*No homophobia, transphobia, or racism (again, this must be a safe space for all)

*If you are going to write about relations that occur between people or characters who are minors, the sexual details must be limited within forum posts (obviously in the writing you ultimately publish, you go with your own rules). 

*This forum is only for fiction. If you are mixing non-fiction elements into your writing, please make sure to change names and details to respect people’s privacy. 


You Are Still Welcome If:

*If you are uncomfortable with the thought of incest, but still want to explore consensual incest in your fiction. As long as you don’t condemn others for their choices in life or in fiction, you are welcome. 

*If you have very specific preferences (e.g. you like Bro/Sis but you’re not crazy about Bro/Bro, or you only do queer pairs). Just be respectful of others’ preferences. 

*If you want to explore the darker side of consanguinamory, where there is a grey area between consent and non-consent, or if you have unhappy endings planned. As long as you are not coming to the forum with a pre-conceived notion that ‘all consang relationships’ are inherently unhealthy and/or are doomed to fail, then you are welcome to explore unhealthy dynamics as well. Exploring grey areas in fiction does not mean the same thing as being ok with abuse. However, IF your pairing is fully abusive or non-consensual, this is not the forum for you. [Only requirement for grey area is please put a trigger warning tag]

*Poly relationship dynamics are as welcome as monogamous ones.

*If you are only interested in exploring either GSA or non-GSA. 

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