You’d be just the person to manage to start a movement to legalize incest and end the taboo. Your understanding is incredible and your blog is amazing. Love is love and you understand and respect it.


Oh, Anon, I can’t thank you enough! You are so kind to say these things. I’m so flattered!!!

I am a poor example of an activist but I do hope my attitude will be infectious.

You know, when I first started this blog even I had something in my sidebar about “It’s just fiction so it’s OK”, and I only had that there because I was worried about haters, but I reached a point where I was confident enough to remove that and just freely say that I absolutely support decriminalization of consensual incest. The laws might have been well-meaning when they were created but they are not right. And I’m really not afraid to say that now because I know that none of the arguments against decriminalization hold water. And I hope that can happen for everyone else too.

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