Since this conversation re: incest shipping is happening, I thought I’d chime in again–I’d written a while back about being a survivor of incestuous abuse but also being (obviously, since I check this blog every day) a fan of consensual relationships between family members in fiction. And I have no problem with consensual incest irl too. Honestly, if it was decriminalized, it would help survivors of NON-consensual incest out a lot and probably get them to come forward a lot more.


I think all the ways that decriminalization of consensual incest would actually help incestuous abuse survivors isn’t something most of the opponents have considered. And abuse is never easy to talk about, but all the stigma surrounding incest makes it even more difficult to have these kinds of conversations, for everyone on all sides.

Thank you for sharing with us, Anon, and for adding your thoughts to this discussion.

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