I was curious if you could recommend any other Tumblr blogs that deal with this subject. It’s allot easy to find porn blogs, but finding writing that deals with this topic as seriously as it needs to be taken is more difficult (asking Keith the same thing)


Just the ones you probably already know. @supportingconsanguinamory @rainbowamory @jane-doe-ofks @cristinashy @samcatlovesyou @thefinalmanifesto and of course, Keith: @fullmarriageequality

@shipcestuous    <—– and this lovely person. 😀 and also @hernameisgabe and @likewhatyoulikelikedamn

(this person is also supportive). All these people have written about or are interested in handling this subject sensitively and honestly in writing, though area of interest may vary (e.g. I focus on cousins)

I don’t write as much cause I’m a bit busy but I’d always be willing to chat with anyone and recommend resources or information. Check out the above people cause they are great!!! ❤

Also, I haven’t checked out this person yet but their blog looks good and positive: @siblingromance

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