Forum for Original cousin/cousin or sibling/sibling Pairs in Fiction!


(Image: one of my unfinished, rough sketches of my cousin pairing. It’s not done so pls ignore the disproportion going on…)

Okay peoples,

I’ve written up the rules for the forum, and I made the categories. Now all I need are members! Please read the rules before joining and please spread the word!!

Here is a link:

We can improve it with time, including the rules, but below I will outline some of the things I hope this forum can do for those of us interested in making this community:

                                           Focus of the Forum

To bring together aspiring writers to discuss our characters and writing, specifically those pairings that would be considered “taboo” in various parts of our world: Sibling and Cousin pairings, straight or gay, GSA or non-GSA, romantic and/or sexual, Canon or very near canon. This forum is not for purely platonic relationships–as lovely as those are.

                         ___How we can make use of the Forum___

There are various ways we can make use of this forum. Here are just some possibilities:

  • We could do bi-weekly writing exercises to practice writing scenes and dialogue, to get a good sense of how our characters would act and talk.
    • We could discuss the nature of “double love” and how the familial and the romantic intertwine in a consang relationship.
    • We can discuss stigma, its origins and how the characters deal with it in their societies.
    • We can talk about our own fears or anxieties about writing/publishing fiction containing “controversial” material, how we could remain strong and dedicated despite the judgment we may face as writers of such relationships.
    • We can do research together (e.g. share links to documentaries, scholarly articles, author/actor interviews, commentary, or other material on this subject) so that our writing could be better informed by facts and existing dialogues.
    • We can help each other develop points in our fictional character & relationship arcs in a way that suits our individual visions.
    • We can provide each other with feedback on our writing styles so that we can improve the quality.
    • We can discuss fandom and ships… in connection with what we hope do with our original fiction. E.g. What are our fav ships/dynamics? What we can learn from the writers of the past? What can/should we do differently?

To read rules in full, go here:

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