Thank you. You’ve been so much help. Yes, I live in the U.S. and we’re both adults. In my state you can get up to 10 years and consent is not considered an excuse. Its a 3rd degree felony. Thank you for all the advice and links! This is a lot of great information and I really appreciate it. I’m really so thankful for your help. I really see a future with the them.❤❤❤ – S

No problem!

And that is a very harsh sentence indeed. It’s
hard to believe that they’d actually dish out the full punishment but the best
way to protect yourself is to not take chances. I hope those laws get
challenged someday.

EDIT: Sorry, that last suggestion I made (about going outside the state and then coming back after doing stuff) is probably not the best idea. See this post and the comment left on it:

It seems that you may still be prosecuted if someone learns you have been leaving the state to get away from the laws in your state. So unless you are permanently moving away, you may need to think about this too.

I’m a romantic to the core, so I’m the type
to leave everything behind to be with the person I love if I had to. But I know
not everyone can leave their family behind so easily, so it’s really up to you. Sometimes people just need to live their life and let family come around in their own time.

I hope things work out for you. Just remember you’re
not alone.

Love is Love. God bless and good luck ^_^

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