I love the energy of our shipping community…


…but, we shouldn’t be shipping every related character that appear on a screen. Lets celebrate consanguineous relationships when they are merited. Lets not come off as desperate or untactful within our passions.

With you 100% on this sentiment.

I make fan videos as a hobby. I haven’t shipped incest before but I’ve been leaning towards shipping it. The main reason I haven’t before was because I’m very picky with dynamics… I only ship when I feel a personal connection with the characters or storyline.

And I have other, non-incest ideas I still need to get to. But I’d love to make some for consang pairs sometime… just need to decide which ones.

I have no desire to ship all related characters. I don’t think it’s necessary, since there are ones with genuine chemistry out there who should have more of a spotlight (like from Borgia). I respect that people have their fantasies but I prefer when there is chemistry and actual mutuality in the love.

Also, shipping all related characters implies that platonic love is not as valuable or full as romantic love, and I disagree with that. I believe platonic love is just as important, just in a different way and some related characters I prefer to be platonic cause that’s what their dynamic suggests.

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