What’s the point

What’s the point of being a lesbian http://www.evematch.com/

There is no one way to be lesbian. All gender expression is to an extent a performance, so no one is ‘imitation’ of anything.. they simply are expressing who they are inside. If you call trans masculine people imitations, then what are the trans women that you say you support?

This is the kind of shit that creates divides in the lesbian community. You can’t claim a whole identity just to yourself and define it by your own terms when there are others out there who feel differently.

I much prefer butch/femme dynamic over femme/femme on a personal level but then again I don’t identify as female. So I will simply unsubscribe, because it’s obvious you want a women’s club of all cis or trans women. And your criticism could be easily flipped on you… e.g. why bother dating someone who is exactly like you? femme/femme is like dating yourself. How do you like that??

By the way, my girlfriend is a femme lesbian and she is perfectly ok with dating a trans-male identified person or masculine acting women. I’m not the one diminishing her identity. You are.

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