Mental Health Counceling


I wanted to share this with anyone who might want to know this information.

If you are part of a minority then you’d know how challenging life can be sometimes. And when it comes to looking for therapy, maybe you feel scared to discuss what is in your heart.

Well, this therapist posted in a consanguinamory group on facebook:

You can e-mail them at:

I messaged her a bit and sent her a link to my blog and she said it would be ok for me to post a link to her site here. So if you are looking for a professional therapist who will be non-judgmental and with whom you can be open about your attractions and relationships, you can check out her page (sliding scale is also an option for pricing)

She offers Skype sessions as well. Currently they can only accept clients in the U.S. If you can’t afford her prices, maybe she can refer you to other therapists who would be willing to offer the same kind of services.

I hope someone finds this helpful.


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