Apologies for a few comments

I need to make a note about a few things I’ve written on here that I only realized later could come off as kind of rude/ignorant. No one told me to do this, it just occurred to me I should.

I typically mean everything I say and I am consistent in my beliefs.

But 2 points:

-In one post I may have come off like I can’t stand mentally ill people. I didn’t meant it that way… I just have a lot of anger about having to deal with someone with a mental illness in my family (which has nothing to do with the topics of this blog because there is no incest in my direct lineage). When I talk about that person I can’t say anything positive, but I don’t have anything against others with mental illness, if they at least try to be decent people.

-In another post I said that no one who is a guy on the inside would want boobs… but I’ve seen online stuff of trans guys who are ok with keeping their breasts. And I’ve met a trans guy who even went through pregnancy before he got his top surgery… so I’m very sorry if it came off like I’m insulting those guys. They are so brave and I respect them alot. My dysphoria is just really bad so I can’t imagine being ok with my body as it is…

I think that’s mostly it.

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