TIL that the recent growth in incest themed pornography production and consumption is driven by demand from millennial generation viewers


So how much influence has incest-shipping had on this I wonder?


This is really interesting. I think a few sites online have facilitated incest shipping and probably made it more popular (leading to more interest in incest porn), though I would be surprised if that was enough to sway statistics in any significant way.

I honestly do wonder if Game of Thrones also had an impact on this.

And who knows whatever else. I am so fascinated.

GOT certainly made it more acceptable to talk about “Hypotheticals” openly, which in turn helped me talk about real relationships more openly. But I don’t think we can separate any of the contributing influences, pornographic or not. I think they are all complementary and helped the other be more accepted.

I think as we came more accepting of non standard relationships in general, Gay or Straight, we also became more accepting of other types of non-traditional relationships. I think the whole trend revolved around the idea “love who you want” and it evolved from there. Everything helped everything. We can’t point to one indicator and say “this is why” we have to look at the whole picture.

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