Hopefully this doesn’t sound too hypocritical, but I need to rant for minute. I hate how people assume that you ship ALL incestous or age gapped ships equally because you like one ship of that nature. For example, I’m fine with incest ships that are cousincest and siblingcest and in which both partners are adults or teenagers, but I’m not comfortable shipping parent/child ships or ships in which the younger one is under 15. Likewise, I’m fine with adult/teen ships but adult/child squicks me out

Wow… this person spoke my mind word for word here. ^_^ ❤ It’s not hypocritical to express preference. Everyone has preferences. Expressing them is just being honest. My OC pair are same-age first cousins (both 15 when they fall in love). They’re mature for their age due to certain life experiences. I love teen romance because you can watch the characters grow into adults.

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