Victoria (tv series)


It’s kind of sad that I’m so late on making a comment about this, but I figured people must’ve already heard of it from other sources.

Victoria is a TV series based on the life of Queen Victoria. It’s the same story as that told in the movie The Young Victoria (in the film list I put up awhile ago). But they will have their own take on it since it’s a series. A significant part of it will be about the love story between her and her first cousin/husband Prince Albert.

If you want to watch it online, you can see it on Primewire (but be warned of popup ads):

This is not a proper review but just a few comments since I’m only on episode 4. No major spoilers.. just how I feel about it so far: 

I’m in love. I think I finally found that magic pair that makes me want to ship hardcore… as I said before, video-editing is a hobby of mine but I haven’t made any vids for a related pair yet because I’m picky. For me to make vids, I need to feel a personal connection. I loved The Young Victoria movie very very much. It was perfect and its existence makes me so happy, but on a personal level, I didn’t relate to the guy’s personality as much and the woman wasn’t really… my type. I know that shouldn’t be a factor but when it comes to video-making it’s kinda important to me.

Other than the music in the opening (which I really can’t stand) the series appeals to me on a more subjective level mainly because I identify more with this version of Albert. He is socially awkward in an amusing way (flower-in-shirt moment.. lmao) but is still serious and dignified. And there’s something about him that’s more edgy and sometimes he can be a jerk. An unrepentant, honest jerk. I like that. I get that. That’s the kind of guy I typically relate most to… He seems like a bit of a loner. But he’s still nice to Victoria, and that’s important.

Their dynamic is adorable, natural, subtle. I found Victoria to be annoying at first but she gets more charming. The only thing is.. I wish the writers would’ve prolonged their courtship so that there was more of a buildup to the proposal. In real life they had a longer courtship, I believe. But there’s still time to develop the relationship.

I am in love and feeling the feels. I delayed watching it cause I wasn’t sure if I’d have more of a connection with this Albert. But holy shit, I do. I’m going to vid them hard. lol Under all my vids, I’m going to link to my blog so ppl can learn facts about cousin love… and maybe this ugly world can be a little better for couples like them.

That is all.

[below image from:          –I should add a nosebleed…..]



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