Contribute Anonymously to Cousin Couple Documentary

This was a submission from Delanie, a casting call for a cousin couples documentary. There have been similar ones before but the difference with this one is that you can submit your story ANONYMOUSLY. That would make a BIG difference for someone who may have wanted to educate the public about their life while keeping their privacy… so have a look at the details if you are interested.

Delanie’s Message:

Hi everyone!

My name’s Delanie and I’m the executive producer of a documentary filming in Los Angeles this spring about romantic cousin relationships in the United  States. This project is being made to bring positive attention to cousin couples and hopefully improve the public perception on this topic. My mother dated her cousin, so this is a personal passion project for me. I am looking for dating or married cousin couples, children of cousin couples, or friends/family of cousin couples that would like to contribute their stories ANONYMOUSLY. I understand that this is a sensitive topic and most people do not want to be on camera discussing it. If your story is chosen for the documentary, we will cast actors to portray you and share your experience. We will not use your real name(s) and will change any details you wish in order to protect your identity.

If you are interested in being an anonymous contributor to the project, please email me at You will be provided with a questionnaire to fill out, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you!

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