Would you consider incest a valid sect in the lgbtq+ community?

That’s a very good question, and a tough one.

Even within already existing definitions of the queer community, there is division and debate on who should be included under the LGBTQ spectrum. That’s why you see several different versions of the group (LGBT, LGBTQIA, etc). I personally like this one the most: LGBTQ*, because the asterisk leaves it open for others without limiting the scope of the community.

The other minorities that don’t always fit in include those who are asexual, polyamorous, intersex, pansexual. The asterisk leaves an open door for these people to participate in the queer community if they want to. But these groups can also make their own spaces, which they often do so they can express themselves without the ignorance of others in the LGBT community who may not understand them.

When it comes to Consensual Incest, there are a whole host of other concerns that are specific to incestuous relationships, such as concerns around reproduction or how it affects familial roles as we know them. And they too have their divisions according to type of relationship. It’s the kind of situation that warrants a whole separate community where they can discuss issues specific to them.

I think there is a theme in the LGBTQ+ community and it has to do with sexual fluidity between the sexes and gender fluidity. It’s important to keep this theme at the core in order to effectively spread knowledge about gay and trans-specific issues.

I’ve chatted with some people who are involved in incestuous relationships online and a couple of them who were in queer incestuous relationships. They said so themselves that they feel like they’re in a whole other category. They felt they didn’t really belong under
the LGBTQ umbrella.  It’s not even about lack of acceptance… they just feel they are experiencing something different from ordinary (non-related) relationships altogether.

At the end of the day, there is a larger umbrella that contains both communities and it’s the Sexual Minority umbrella. I believe that Consensual Incest can exist as its own community under this larger umbrella. It doesn’t really need to be part of LGBT and it doesn’t really fit in. However, considering that they are another sexual minority, I think the queer community should at least approach them with a neutral attitude.

Because of intersectionality, there will always be people who fall in between these two groups (queer incestuous couples, trans incestuous, poly incestuous, etc etc etc). So the two communities can never be wholly separate just as all people are connected. I like talking about both communities in one space because they both fascinate me, from an aspiring writer’s perspective. But in the real world they would function best as two separate communities, for the reasons I mentioned above.

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