Dear black tumblr™,




Your anti-whiteness hurts mixed people

Your hatred towards white people makes mixed people self hating

Your jokes about white girls with thin lips/no curves makes black girls and mixed girls with those features feel insecure

You make mixed people and black people who don’t agree with you feel unwelcome in the black community

(by mixed people I mean those with white and black ancestry)

I’m a mixed person of black and white ancestry and while I can’t speak for all mixed people: what you wrote here is ignorant, misguided and frankly, embarrassing. Delete this post and then your entire blog if you genuinely think that black resentment towards whites (who have systematically oppressed and abused them) is at all responsible for my insecurities about my appearance or my status as a person of color.

So anyways, hatred towards white people hurts mixed people of white ancestry, especially white – passing mixed people. Ty, come again.

THANK YOU, itscoldinwonderland. I’ve experienced this same shit from a different racial background… so I know what you’re talking about here.

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