OC Commission Review (for kingloptr)

This is a review for the artist @kingloptr


I commissioned her to draw my OCs. It took a couple of weeks but I am very happy with the result. She listened to my requests each step of the way. I gave her the reference pics (uploaded onto dropbox) and she worked with those.

What I asked for:

A scene in which my characters are staring at each other from opposite ends in a clearing, a forest setting, with dawn light streaming through the leaves and white flowers on the ground. I wanted them to be in black, close-fitted battle outfits, with their swords in scabbards (ages 15-16 years old).


It was meant to reflect the difficult part of their relationship, which actually is less about the blood relation and more about the fact that they’re on opposite sides of a conflict. They manage their relationship outside the war, but this scene was supposed to show them meeting, either before or after a battle. The clearing is like a quiet space and the white flowers were meant to represent peace – for this one moment.

kingloptr did a fantastic job capturing what I wanted and she was friendly. I would recommend her to anyone who wants an original artwork. The amount of detail depends on the price but you can make an offer and see what the artist can do.

Thank you again! ~ ❤


Artist: kingloptr

OCs belong to: me (rainbowamory)

Click ‘read more’ to see close-up of the characters.


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