Counseling or Therapy Options



I was searching Google one day and found this website that offers a counseling service that is free. There are volunteers on there who play the role of ‘Listeners’. Some of these people are in training to become psychologists or therapists. I saw there’s also a section for LGBT-specific issues. It would be great for someone who doesn’t want to talk over the phone or meet a therapist in person or if you can’t afford to pay for therapy.

It’s called 7cups and this is the site:

You just make a free account and go from there. The person you talk to might not be able to talk to you forever, but as long as they are on there, you can contact them on different days. If you find someone you click with, it could help offer a distraction in tough times.

I would recommend it to LGBT people. Paid therapists are also available through the site, but the ‘Listeners’ option is free.

All Hearts United – Therapy (requires payment)


This second service is another option for anyone needing therapy, but it’s also good for those who want to talk about Consanguinamory with a non-judgmental professional therapist. I describe it more Here.

This therapist can also be reached at

Just sharing this info for anyone who might need it because mental health is important.

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