Artist Review! (for Everybery)

I has another review to make. 🙂 🙂 I commissioned Everybery to draw my characters. The guy draws insanely fast, so he was done in about a week. He was very nice in accommodating my little requests along the way. Good communication. He has a lot of diversity in his work so I felt comfortable going to him with my request. The amount of detail he puts into a drawing depends on the price you agree on.

What I Asked For: 

My two characters standing in a pose, back to back, holding hands, with their faces turned outward. I noted that they should look 15 years old. The reason this one is different in some ways from the other artwork (other than the different style) is because I gave different reference pics for this one. I like trying out slightly different looks to play with aesthetics for how they’d look. I also asked for these outfits and for an abstract garden background. I sent him the link to the pics in my Dropbox–a good site to host images.


I didn’t exactly have a specific meaning in mind for this idea. It was just meant to be a cute pose. But looking at it afterwards, it made me imagine them being at a party (like maybe at his house) and a Photographer dude is walking around taking pictures of the guests. Maybe this photographer thought the two of them looked cute, hanging out together, and asked them to pose for a photo. They’d likely be dating at this point, since they’re on good terms here. lol

Just as the other drawing captures the tensions beneath their relationship, this one captures the innocence, a lighthearted moment.

Everybery sent me a full-resolution version of the final artwork, just like the other artist. The photo below is a resized, smaller version. It’s much prettier than Tumblr can show. I’m very very happy with it and would recommend the artist to anyone, especially to those with unconventional OCs.


Artist: Everybery

OCs belong to: me (rainbowamory)

See below for a little edit I did on my cell phone, using a part of the image.


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