Montana film review

I just watched this movie today (went to see something else with a friend but missed that one so we ended up watching this instead. Wasn’t sure I’d like it at first but I really enjoyed it in the end).

Here’s a description from an article online:

Film Title: “Montana”
Description: A young woman returns to her hometown following the death of her grandfather, and begins an affair with a married teacher in the debut feature from Israeli filmmaker Limor Shmila. Powerful and intimate, she must confront secrets of her past as she tours the town of her youth. A TIFF world premiere.

Also, WARNING: It’s got some dark themes in the background (sexual abuse) but it’s not shown onscreen and the story is not all dark & gloomy. It’s got an overall empowering feel to it.

Here are some of the reasons I liked this movie:

-It has deeper storytelling elements that make for a stronger story overall… (e.g. not all questions are answered, there is ambiguity and realism, the characters are complex, their interactions/dialogue is natural and shows character)

-The filmmaker, who was there in the theater to answer questions, mentioned that one of the things the film is about is silences, and that when she came out to her extended family, they stopped talking to her… there was a silence around her identity. She said she wanted to show them and others in that culture that there are worse things than being lesbian… that due to silences, other things go unnoticed too (like actual abuse, which also happens right within the same society)

-The filmmaker (who is also queer) said that she also wanted to make a movie/story which focused on other aspects of a life than just being about “coming out”, since so many stories out there already cover this topic.

-The filmmaker (who had also experienced abuse) wanted to make a story where the character who had been abused did not act like a victim, since she personally does not see herself as a victim either.

-It shows queerness as being just one part of someone’s life/identity. There’s more to that person.

-It’s also a representation of queerness or queer experience in a non-Western culture.

-It was just a very boldly written story that felt very authentic, and worth watching for anyone who likes stories that not only touch upon LGBT experiences, but are also well crafted and nuanced (it had some great humorous moments too :).

-Hot/cute lesbian sex scenes/kissing that were beautifully filmed

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