The Song that best expresses my character’s feelings

If I were to pick one song that utterly captures what my male character feels towards his cousin, it would be ‘Closer’ by Tegan and Sara. There are a bunch that remind me of them, but this one is particularly reflective of what I want to see.

So how does this song apply to my OCs? I think of it specifically from Syden’s point of view… it expresses
how he feels perfectly: the playful language, the simplicity of the
expressions… he would use this kind of language/manner of self expression. He
doesn’t care for poetics or overly flowery language, so the lyrics in this song
reflect that in my head; how Syden thinks/talks… He is capable of being eloquent, but he prefers and would more often use simplicity in speech, like the lyrics in this song. I wrote up a thing on
how the lines would apply to him:

NOT just all Physical”
(brings to mind the kind of
thing I know Syden would say to his aunt, who might be thinking that
what he feels for her daughter is just teenage hormones gone wild… that it’s a
phase, and nothing more. That it’s all about the sex. This line is the exact
kind of thing he would say to her in defiance)

come the dreams of you and me, here come the dreams”
(Syden dreams about Cela pretty often… often times the dreams are
sexual, but not always. Sometimes they are just about being close to her, just
about having romantic sweet moments where he feels, well, feelings. Lol. After
all, it’s not just all physical/lust. He truly loves her and connects with her
emotionally. The dreams are overwhelming.)

(This line could also refer to waking dreams. Even though the future is unknown, Syden can’t help but have flashes in his head of how life would be with her by his side. He would try not to think too much about the uncertainties, but the daydreams would come anyway, and that too is overwhelming, because he doesn’t want to be vulnerable.)

won’t treat you like you’re typical” 
(Syden loves Cela specifically because they
have a connection. He has the tendency to feel impatient with most other girls
and the way they try to get him without really ‘getting’ him. But Cela is not
like that. She doesn’t even have to try and he just feels so at ease around
her… they have similar interests and have been through similar life
experiences, regardless of differences in ideology. She makes an effort with him when other people don’t bother… she
is not as judgmental as other girls/other people, even though she does tease him… he knows
the difference. So, he cannot treat her like she is ‘typical’, because she is
not. She has always been special to him, even when they were kids. And now that
they’re both older, she is special in a more important way)

let’s make things physical” “All I dream of lately, is how to get you underneath me”
(As much as Syden loves
her on a deeply soul-bound way, he also feels intense sexual attraction towards
her. This part of their relationship is one they’ve embraced as much the
romantic aspects. They express their love to each other in this way too. It
makes total sense that Syden would feel both lust and love when thinking about
her…inextricably; just as lust & love are both captured in this song. Their relationship has both elements,
and for this reason, is very complete and satisfying)

want you close”
 (Being cousins doesn’t guarantee
‘closeness’. He loves her not because she is his cousin, but because he
connects with her as a person, soul-to-soul, body-to-body. His definition of
‘close’ would be unique. He would want to be close to her, not because others
expect them to be, not because they are family, but because he WANTS her to be
close to him…. As two specific people, not just as prototype “cousins”. Often
in family dynamics, people are not given an option on how to feel… they are
told they simply must care about family by default. No one asks whether someone
WANTS that closeness or not. It is simply imposed, orchestrated. And sometimes it’s not even
meaningful…e.g. people just going through the motions of taking care of each
other, just because “family”. It’s like people can’t define their own
relationships—like they’re trapped inside this snow globe where they can’t tell
what’s real and what’s not. This is why it would be important to Syden to tell Cela
that he wants her close, separate from the obligatory closeness of family, with
emphasis on the words “I” and “WANT”)

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