Cousin Love (Useful Information & Resources)

For people who need this information – for research or personal use. Here is a list of good resources applicable to cousin-cousin relationships, queer or straight. It’s broken down into 3 main categories: Laws, Communities, and Reproduction facts. I included 2 of my own blogs at the bottom.


Here is a map of updated

Cousin-specific laws in the US
(never assume this says all details. Laws change. You’d have to look at the government websites of your state to be sure of the updated laws.):


Legal or illegal? –  (you have to know the laws before you act on anything because in some places it’s illegal to even engage in sexual acts, while in other places you can marry a first cousin. Don’t assume it’s legal without checking out the laws. Penalties can go up to several years of jail. In some places, sex is allowed, but marriage is illegal.

If you live in a state where it’s illegal to marry a cousin, and go to another state to marry a cousin, you could get prosecuted if you then return to the state in which it was illegal. If you start off in a legal state, marry, and THEN travel to a state where it’s illegal, you wouldn’t be prosecuted. It depends on where you reside to begin with. I believe this is how it works, but again, just to be sure, ask someone who’d know the laws in depth.):

Source of map:

*In Canada first cousin marriage is legal.

*For laws in other places/Europe, see this post.


Here are two communities you can join to find others to connect with and talk to about cousin love, to find out more information, or have support from those who have been through similar experiences:

Community 1: Cousin Marriage community:

Community 2: Cousin marriage and love community group on Facebook:


[Warning: The comments on these pages are most likely full of ignorance. Some people are just that fact-challenged. Ignore the comments and focus on the information, because the facts are all that matters]

Reproduction 1: A reliable article on reproduction facts (again, never assume just because risks are generally low it means you’ll be fine. Exact risks VARY from couple to couple, based on family health history and the presence or absence of previous consanguineous marriages in your direct lineage. Genetic counseling and tests are really the best indication for a specific couple’s risks):

Reproduction 2: An educational video on reproductive risks (I haven’t seen this video yet so I’m not sure if it’s decent or what the tone is. Just compare it to other stuff like above article):

Reproduction 3: A blog I wrote about the difference between single generation reproduction and multiple generation (opinion):


What if you get rejected? – A blog I wrote about rejection (Approach without a sense of entitlement and you’ll  be fine):

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