Where are first cousins allowed to be married / get married? I see a lot of posts that say some states in the U.S. allow it and Europe doesn’t prohibit it, but Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Greece, etc prohibit it. Can you list all the places / continents where it’s legal?

Hey, at the moment, I don’t know of a list that covers those countries specifically.. (If someone has an updated list, please share) But you can try looking up the government websites for those places and see if you can find information on marriage. Type in “[name of country] marriage laws”.

Sites like this would be more reliable than just any site:


When you said that bit about Sweden, I knew it couldn’t be true because I had heard that Sweden allows half SIBLINGS to marry under certain circumstances, so no way would they ban cousin marriage.

I looked it up and found this document (official government document) dated to 2013. If the laws haven’t changed since then, this should still be in effect:


Look at section 2.1…. here is a quote:

[On impediments to marriage, Sweden] “Persons who are related to one another in the direct ascending or
descending line, for example father and daughter, may not marry. Nor
may brothers and sisters of the full blood enter into marriage. However,
following application, the county administrative board may grant permission
to half brothers and sisters to marry each other.”

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around. If you read it carefully, you’d see by the wording that first cousin marriage should be legal, because they often mention that siblings can’t marry OR anyone in the “direct” line – key word: Direct.

Cousins are NOT in the direct line, therefore they can marry (as long as it’s not arranged or forced). Many descriptions are worded in this way. As long as it doesn’t specifically say you can’t marry a first cousin (defined as being the biological child of your parent’s sibling) then it should be legal.

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