Please watch in 480 p for best quality, on a smaller video size, not full screen.

What is this?

Well, it’s a little video I made, to better visualize something. It’s meant to be a kind of Character Reference video. I made it purely for myself. If there was one real life person I’d say happens to look a lot like how I imagine my character would look from late teens and beyond, it’s this guy, the actor Will Tudor, the way he looks in this show. I have not read or watched Shadowhunters, so this video might seem utterly nonsensical to people who have… It’s not meant to be for other people. It’s just for me. Half the time I don’t even know what’s happening in the actual clips.

But since I heard of this show on a shipping blog, IF someone does see this and likes it as part of their ship, I hope they enjoy it… even though the original ship is sadly one-sided.

Read More for more.

The reason I made this video is because this guy’s mannerisms/looks clicks with something in my head, something abstract that I’m always trying to define, because I like visuals. I set it to a song I’ve always thought of as the perfect character song for my OC, which captures his spirit best: “Over My Head” by The Fray. Conveniently for me, some clips in this show went well with this song.

The abstract in my head for my OC has been like this, with minor alterations, for years:

-He must be blond – a light blond, not exactly golden. Green eyes.
-He must be tall.
-He must look somewhat androgynous (without being too masculine OR too feminine).
-He must be able to show a range of emotions.
-He must look good without looking like a stupid Barbie – (barbie = the overly shiny, conventional look (ugh).
-He must have both mischief and innocence in his eyes.
-He must have bangs, a hair cut that matches my understanding of androgyny.
-He must be able to fight/sword fight… must display believable fighter/aggressive side.
-He must be a jerk and charming by turns. (basically, contradicting qualities)
-Shy and confident with women, by turns. (but the shyness is only with those he likes)
-Has to be on the “evil” side in one form or other.
-Modern fantasy setting with some traditional fantasy elements.

Then I saw this guy……. and those clips. And I was like… CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECKCHECKCHECK. So… you have this video.

Have you ever had an idea in your head for the longest, longest time and then came across a show or film with characters/scenes that ‘click’ with that image and thought… “F***, did someone take my idea already?” then “No, no…it’s just a surface resemblance… but, damn, is it a perfect surface resemblance! Must make video for self.”              …. that’s what happened.

Also, the guy in the show knows what it’s like to have “taboo” feelings for someone in his family. (That was just a bonus.) AND it’s originally a good girl/evil guy kind of dynamic… which is like my favourite thing ever.

Ultimately, my OC very much has his own story and persona that has nothing to do with this show (which really doesn’t look like my kind of story anyway). The video is purely for Looks/Mannerisms. The basic storyline I made up for this video is that things are falling apart in a team… maybe an army… disagreements among comrades who used to be close. And meanwhile, the guy is in love with a girl, but it’s complicated. I wanted to convey turbulence, emotions, and a bunch of things that I would like to explore in my own way in my fiction. I picked only the scenes that were relevant to this purpose.

Again, this is a personal video. I’m only sharing because I like having bits and pieces of personal stuff on my blog. 🙂

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