Please watch in 480p, small screen. Unfortunately, these were the best clips I had at my disposal, so they won’t show up that clear if you make the screen large.

I made this for the same purpose as the first reference video Here.

If I were to pick a song that conveys the feelings of my characters’s girlfriend, it would be ‘The Call’ by Regina Spektor. There’s something about it that matches the general idea I have of the storyline I’d like to write for my OCs (involving war and separation, being on opposite sides but always finding their way back to each other). This song is also good to show the initial inner doubts of a ‘taboo’ relationship.

The girl in this show doesn’t really look like my OCs girlfriend, but since she is the one that interacts with the dude the most, I made the video using clips of them together.

Their interactions and mannerisms (in a surface sense) resembles my OC and his love… it’s the closest I could find for that dynamic (“good girl/evil guy”), which is why I called it ‘character reference video’.

The characters in the actual show these clips are from are Jonathan/Clary. They are a non-canon ship. This video doesn’t follow the chronology of the show, so it won’t reflect Jonathan/Clary’s actual storyline, but rather something I made up. But if you want to see it from the perspective of that existing ship, enjoy. ❤


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