Tumblr deleting blogs (and about Shipcestuous)

Hey people (if you are still here).

So if you haven’t already heard, Tumblr has been deleting blogs with NSFW type of content, even if the blog had fewer followers or if it contained mostly text and non-porn material. Their real target seems to have been abuse material involving minors, but unfortunately this has affected some blogs on consensual incest or incest shipping, which in no way or form is connected to abuse.

I have a lot of feelings about this, and would like to say “I’m done with Tumblr.” And actually, that is how I feel, because Shipcestuous’ blog was one of those deleted. If you’ve followed her blog, you’d know it was one of the biggest shipcest blogs, and possibly one of the few multi-fandom ones. There was always such great discussion on there, and I’ve never seen a community more loving and genuine than the one she built there.

If you wants to keep in contact with Shipcestuous, see her WordPress blog and maybe leave a comment:



I wrote in to Tumblr about this, but we will all have to wait and see what happens. I don’t feel comfortable there anymore if she is gone because it means no shipper blog is secure. The only reason I even bothered with Tumblr at all was because of her community…it represented true Unconditional Love, intelligent conversations and love of fiction all in one.

If your blog contains shipcest content, check out these steps to download your material from your tumblr (you have to refresh the page after some minutes of it saying “processing”. Then the “download” button will be there. Give it time if you have a lot of material.):


(It’s also possible to move your blog stuff to WordPress, so you can do it that way too – just look it up)


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