Anonymous submission (Q & A)

This was a submission by a woman in her 30s for this blog, answering some questions about her relationship with her first cousin. Thank you, anon, for sharing this!

What is your sexual orientation and gender identity?

I am a straight (cis) woman and he is a straight (cis) man.

What kind of relationship are you currently in?

I’m in a straight cousin/cousin relationship. We also have an age difference of over 10 years. He is the older one.

How did you meet your partner?

We did not grow up together. We maybe saw each other a few times but no real interaction or interest. The age difference was too much. He spent a lot of time away for years and we did not interact for decades.

What stage of your relationship are you in?

Our relationship is pretty new but very strong. We are committed to staying together.

How do you feel about your relationship dynamic?

It’s very happy, open, and communicative. We discuss our feelings very well and feel secure with each other.

Do you currently have or do you plan on having children with your partner? (biological or by adoption)

No, not at all and no plans to have children.

Is there anyone else like you who’s relationship you admire, that reminds you of your own?

Not really but then again, I know a lot of unhappy couples.

Do your friends and family know about your relationship? How do they feel about it?

No, our relationship is currently secret and we plan on keeping it that way. It’s not anyone else’s business.

Has anyone ever criticized you based on your personal life or your sexual/romantic feelings? How did you or your partner handle it?

See above. Secrecy = no criticism.

What would you tell those going through similar struggles as you in their love lives?

Follow your heart and be with the person you want to be with. There is nothing wrong with having a private relationship either. People may not accept your relationship but you shouldn’t make it your problem.

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