Film recommendation! (Kinsey-2004 film)

I wanted to make a film recommendation. Several years ago, at a youth group for people questioning their sexuality, someone showed us this film. Even though it bothered me on some levels (stirred up some personal insecurities and also because I don’t like watching stories that show the disintegration of a marriage), I still think it’s a movie worth recommending.

The film (Kinsey) is about a man named Alfred Kinsey, a biologist who studied human sexuality. One of his major theories was that everyone is bisexual to some degree, and that sexuality exists on a scale which was known as the Kinsey Scale (also called the “Heterosexual–Homosexual Rating Scale”). The movie was a biography of his life and work. It came out some time ago (2004). You can check out the trailer here:


It’s definitely worth watching, alongside the other major films about queerness or queer history. Regardless of what you think of his actual theories, it is certainly an…er… educational film.

There’s some more information about the Kinsey Scale here:

And some more here on his bio:

and here:

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