Hey, Shipcestuous! I’ve been dying to ask this question. I came across this adorable picture of twin male dolls being sold by one of the main companies that sell Ball Jointed dolls. And the promo pics were just so… suggestive. I’m curious if these two have ever been shipped (Seoha and Haseo from the company Switch – see on Google) because like… they totally should be. haha


Wow, that is crazy. Definitely doesn’t look like they’re supposed to be twins.

I’ve never heard of them being shipped before but I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be after that. Also saw this photo:

I don’t know if that was official or what someone who bought them did but…If it was someone who bought them, they clearly ship it.

I asked this question cause lately all I can think about is ball jointed dolls since I want one. 🙂 Thank you for replying!!

And also, I saw that last photo too. I just couldn’t post the link cause the ask box thing didn’t let me, so thanks for attaching the pics. 🙂

I was sure the 2nd photo must be by the company just from how professional it looks but then again sometimes the dolls are sold in full sets (with the same faceup, clothes, etc as the promos.) so it’s possible it was by a customer.

I do realize it could also simply be a sweet, platonic relationship. But I think it’s beautiful either way. 😀

Edit: Oh, wait… it’s on their actual Instagram!