Short Update



I’m sorry I haven’t been updating anything on this page lately. It’s just that I’ve been working through some dysphoria times… I’m seriously considering transitioning from female to male so it’s been on my mind a lot lately and I just need space. Thank you for following me. And I’ll get back when I’m ready again. I love these causes and I do want to continue sharing relevant info here. ^^ Thanks ❤


Sending my support! ❤

Thank you ❤ I’m in a really weird space right now. Just anxious and incredibly happy at the same time to finally know what I want. 🙂 I’ve known I was trans since I was 20. Before that it was a million inarticulate hints & feelings, which I could finally fully understand now. It’s only now, at 25, that I feel I have the mental readiness to go for this.

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