Introduction to this Blog~


I’m Rainbowamory, or “Rain” for short. I may have seemed to appear out of nowhere but I come from Tumblr. Due to the rule changes that are happening in the kinds of content we’re allowed to put on there, I decided to move all my stuff onto WordPress, just in case my Tumblr disappeared.

This was my original page: http://rainbowamory.tumblr.com

This is a very short intro to the material on this WordPress.

Part of this material (specifically that in the Cousin Love and LGBT sections and personal and Fiction sections of the sidebar are my own writing or commentary). Anything in the category of “Tumblr Reblogs” were posts I re-blogged from other people in the overall spirit of my blog.

So what is this WordPress page about? Originally I made my Tumblr to try and educate myself on the subject of unconventional relationships. One half was dedicate to romantic relationships between cousins, straight or gay, and the other half was dedicated to LGBT material.

I am a writer and I wanted to know more about these topics so that I could more accurately portray certain kinds of characters in my fiction. I also wanted to dispel myths and share what I learned with other people in the process.

During my time on Tumblr, and by following other pages there, I feel I learned much of what I needed to already. But I may post new stuff here in the future.

This is to a large extent a personal blog, so I will be writing in a kind of informal style. I support consensual romantic and/or sexual love, including that between first cousins. I am transgender (FTM). I am not involved in an incestuous relationship myself. If you ever want to contribute a piece to this blog, or if you have any questions, you are welcome to send it in, as long as it’s on topic.

You should also read this as it was possibly the most important question anyone asked me on this blog: https://rainbowamory.home.blog/2018/04/05/would-you-consider-incest-a-valid-sect-in-the/

And…that’s it for now~! Thanks!


[Due to posts having been originally published on Tumblr, some links may be broken… if you come across a broken link, try looking for that same post on my Tumblr page. I will have to fix those eventually]




Artist review for ToxicWaste

This is a review for the artist @doublytoxicwaste

I commissioned him to draw my characters. It took about a week. He was willing to make the little tweaks in the details as much as I wanted and was overall very nice ^_^

What I asked for/context:

A scene in which the girl is drawing an image on the guy’s belly saying “I like…” followed by a sketch of a penis. xD This was meant to show the girl’s silly side because this is the kind of thing she would do to her cousin/lover if she ever found him asleep. Why? Because this is her cruel sense of humor. (it’s permanent marker and she knows his comrades will see this in the men’s showers or something…)

ToxicWaste did a great job and I really love the cute style of his art. He’s very accommodating and easy to communicate with. The drawing makes me smile. Thanks, dude! ❤ You can find his deviantart page here.

S and C prank

Artist List for Shipcest Art Commissions

If anyone is wondering, there is a list of artists that are open to drawing consensual incest (OCs or fan art of incestuous ships in fiction). There are categories for different styles of art (e.g. cartoon style, anime style, realistic style), sfw and nsfw.

If you’d like to know about this list, check out the shipcest discord channel: https://discord.gg/CDaqwrV

You’ll find the list in the Commissions section. If you or someone you know is an artist that is open to taking these kinds of commissions, feel free to comment here with a link to your art page (or comment in the discord channel) if you’d like to be put on the list ^_^

More videos by Utah cousin couple

Below are some more videos by the couple from Utah, sharing for educational purposes.

As YouTube has never been a reliable platform, I’d strongly recommend you check these out while they are still on there. There are more videos on their main YouTube page:








Bullies, Antis and Unconventional OTPs

I know I said it isn’t worth writing about, but actually, it is. I just don’t think one post or two is enough to cover the ridiculousness in full. This is a follow-up post to the post I wrote about hypocrisy in the queer community with regards to consensual incest. See that post here.

Antis don’t always come from the queer community, but the anti that I encountered did. I am writing this post because I think this kind of incident is worth recording and analyzing a bit. It might be useful to someone who has been bullied for liking something different in fandom or for having a different opinion on a controversial topic.

So I am going to share.

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Video by a Cousin Couple


The above is a video by the cousin couple from that Utah news article that I posted here earlier (sharing for educational purposes).

They also have a YouTube channel in which they post other videos about their relationship, if you want to check it out:


And they have a Facebook page here:


Description on their Facebook Page:

We are first cousins from the Wakamatsu family. We have loved each other our whole lives. We believe in the transformative power of unconditional love and acceptance. Join us if you want and need acceptance. We promote unconditional love, healing and well-being.

Anon Ask 2

Anonymous asked: what are some blogs similar to yours that are active

There was this post awhile back where a few blogs were recommended to someone looking for the same thing:


Unfortunately, one of the blogs mentioned (siblingromance) is no longer there. Also, shipcestuous blog got deleted but you can find her WordPress blog here: https://shipcestuous2.wordpress.com/

Some of those tumblrs focus on fandom and shipping but those who run the blogs are also supportive of real life consensual incestuous relationships.

Sorry that mine is not that active. There are very few blogs that are active regularly but there are forums out there for those who want to discuss these things more regularly. I’d recommend this one: http://ks2016.forumactif.fr

Regardless of the lack of blogs, you can definitely find others out there who are allies or consider starting a blog yourself as well.

Good luck!