Organizing my WordPress, and missing posts.

Wow, I just started trying to see which posts are missing since I had to copy over all my posts from my Tumblr, which was the original version of this blog…. and I realized there are a bunch missing or incomplete or with broken links… this will take some time to smooth out. If anyone wants to read my original posts properly (from long time ago when I first started this blog), see my Tumblr page.

Apparently looking through the Archive there is also a good way to find posts by Month/Year or tags:

Archive options

Things over there may be all over the place too, but all the posts are at least intact. It’s going to take awhile for me to sort out my WordPress so that it reflects everything on the Tumblr page post by post. So, for now, feel free to look at my Tumblr if you want to see everything that should be here.

Meanwhile, I am going to re-post the things that are not on WordPress and fix issues.

Introduction to this Blog~


I’m Rainbowamory, or “Rain” for short. I may have seemed to appear out of nowhere but I come from Tumblr. Due to the rule changes that are happening in the kinds of content we’re allowed to put on there, I decided to move all my stuff onto WordPress, just in case my Tumblr disappeared.

This was my original page:

This is a very short intro to the material on this WordPress.

Part of this material (specifically that in the Cousin Love and LGBT sections and personal and Fiction sections of the sidebar are my own writing or commentary). Anything in the category of “Tumblr Reblogs” were posts I re-blogged from other people in the overall spirit of my blog.

So what is this WordPress page about? Originally I made my Tumblr to try and educate myself on the subject of unconventional relationships. One half was dedicate to romantic relationships between cousins, straight or gay, and the other half was dedicated to LGBT material.

I am a writer and I wanted to know more about these topics so that I could more accurately portray certain kinds of characters in my fiction. I also wanted to dispel myths and share what I learned with other people in the process.

During my time on Tumblr, and by following other pages there, I feel I learned much of what I needed to already. But I may post new stuff here in the future.

This is to a large extent a personal blog, so I will be writing in a kind of informal style. I support consensual romantic and/or sexual love, including that between first cousins. I am transgender (FTM). I am not involved in an incestuous relationship myself. If you ever want to contribute a piece to this blog, or if you have any questions, you are welcome to send it in, as long as it’s on topic.

You should also read this as it was possibly the most important question anyone asked me on this blog:

And…that’s it for now~! Thanks!


[Due to posts having been originally published on Tumblr, some links may be broken… if you come across a broken link, try looking for that same post on my Tumblr page. I will have to fix those eventually]