Evil vs Unconventional

[also posted in Consanguinamory Fiction Forum]

I wanted to share some thoughts I had while reading a fandom info page online on the subject of consanguiamory in media and fiction; kind of like wiki pages but from a different site.

Most of the contributors couldn’t seem to talk about it without imposing their own negative views or sense of discomfort with the topic, and did not hold back their glaring bias even though the pages were supposed to be for the public and should’ve been neutral.

Well, the part that irritated me most was when someone was talking about these vampire twins (Hänsel and Gretel) from an anime called Black Lagoon. Pic below.



The author of that information page was discussion sibling pairings in fiction. Their opinion was that the taboo relationship between the twins was an extension of their already evil personas, as remorseless serial killers who enjoyed torturing their victims.

I don’t know the background of their story but from the little I read of them, it does seem like they have some traits that could genuinely be considered ‘evil,’ in the blackest sense of the term. But I don’t think that their relationship should be counted as a part of that evil.

Their actions (in the way they treat others) are in many ways wrong and cruel, but their relationship is simply unconventional… strange, yes. Unusual, yes. But not EVIL in itself. The twins seemed to have a strong bond with each other which involves sexual attraction as well. The writer’s interpretation of this part of their relationship was grossly tainted by personal biases towards incest.



One of the things about some writers of consanguinamory that irritates me to no end is this inability to tell the difference between something being evil vs merely unconventional.

I admit I like character pairs where the guy is considered at least somewhat ‘evil’. That’s because I relate most to male characters who exist in a grey area in their behavior/motives…  BUT, I make a big distinction between the morality of their love vs. their other actions. When it comes to my own fiction, I would never see my character’s love as something that is an extension of the darker parts of him… for me it represents the better part of who he is. The ability to love is a testament to the good in someone’s heart. The darker parts are in no way meant to reflect negatively on the nature of incestuous love..

It disappoints and disturbs me when people can’t make the distinction between someone’s being part of a minority/misunderstood/strange and someone being downright evil.

I think the kind of person who doesn’t make this distinction is not acknowledging the character’s true complexity.


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