Thoughts… queer “community”

Honestly, I often feel like I don’t belong in the queer community. I don’t really care anymore, but it’s just… I wonder if other queer or trans people even feel this way. It’s like, there’s so many toxic people you can’t say a single thing without some idiot or other trying to ‘shape’ you into something you’re not.

I understand anger because I experience it a lot myself. But anger at people just for trying to define who they are as separate from the community… it’s a joke. It’s like some ppl expect you to care about the same topics they care about (which are not nearly as ‘open-minded’ as they claim to be) and express yourself the same way… I had an identity before I came out and I’m not going to change that for anyone, including the queer community.

I just wonder if other people know what I mean.. or are most content to be rainbow squares? ugh.

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