Imagine your incestuous OTP


  • Little toddler A proclaiming they would marry B. (Bonus: When did they stop saying it? When did they stop thinking it?)
  • Childhood bedsharing.
  • Their grandmother shipping them.
  • During their courtship, imagine the last time A said “I love you,” to B, and B didn’t think anything of it, or read anything into it.
  • A constantly teasing B over that stupid thing B did as a child.

My OCs are my OTPs. My non-incestuous OTP will always be Lelouch/CC from Code Geass. But my OCs will always be first in my heart. ^_^

These are some of my fav qualities in an OTP, incestuous or not:

*Evil guy/good girl (where the concept of “evil” is challenged in the story – in a play on ‘unconventional’ vs ‘evil’).

*Guy being something of a jerk to other people and the girl not standing for his shit, thereby confusing him… and making him want to try to be…nice?

*Monogamous to the core (I don’t have an issue with polyamory but my personal OTPs are monogamous, as it is what I identify with)

*Goddamn, I wish my OTPs grandmother shipped them.. lol But I haven’t thought about what she feels just yet… that’s an interesting possibility.

*They’d plan carefully if they decide to become parents (they’d make sure their risk is low before going for it… in the event that it’s higher than would be justifiable, they’d consider adoption). But their love wouldn’t hang on whether or not they can have kids.

*Something child-like and sweet in the way they interact, where even the rivalry and arguments are cute/funny.

*They would never let each other go no matter how much stigma or opposition they may face… they’d ALWAYS pick each other over opposition.